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Role Play Communities have to be one of the most bizarre, frustrating and equally interesting social experiments of the internet. This is a rant, sit yo butt down and read. I’m fed up.

I’ve been a part of WoW’s RP community since ye olde vanilla, and nostalgia is a great liar at funneling out all the stupid nonsense I witnessed from day one to day now. Playing across multiple servers, including Kirin Tor, Cenarion Circle, Sisters of Elune, Steamwheedle Cartel, Moon Guard and Wyrmrest Accord, I’ve met all sorts of people. I’ve learned some basic things, and they’re always upsetting to other people, but they’re simple facts.

1. All RPers are mentally unhealthy to SOME DEGREE. That is a large part of why we role play, we’re depressed, we’re angry, we’re lonely, we’re seeking validation, we have deeper problems, we have a need to escape reality. That unhealthiness, it can be really, really minimal, it can be just wanting to get away after a hard day’s work, and drowning yourself in an alternate reality until you crash out.

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With the sedative re-administered, Bram closes the door to their bedroom with a soft click and leans back against the wood for just a few moments of rest. He looks haggard and completely exhausted; he hasn’t slept since before the mission, and it shows. One hand drags roughly down his face and he rubs at the dark, puffy circles under his eyes with a tired groan.

There isn’t room for him to sleep right now. Not with so many problems pulling him in several directions at once. Nalfein is around, yes, but Bram cannot bring himself to trust the other Kaldorei with everything while he rests. Call it age-old paranoia, but the rogue is, at least, making strides to amend whatever was broken. But it isn’t enough. Not yet. And Frank, well, the poor boy would be in over his head.

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