Skimpy male buttmog, spotted.

I didn’t get to congratulate the person upon sighting it, as they logged out before I could take another screenshot or whisper them.  Whoever you are brave butt stranger, I salute you, and your transmog. 




As of the PTR/Beta when using Orb of the Sin’dorei, you now no longer get the stock Male or Female Blood Elf (shown right) and instead get the corresponding model to your character like you did when the item was first introduced!

Small, but important changes!


HOT DAMN. I missed that. Alsoooo in related news someone should go hit Old Hillsbrad and see if you get unique humans (or nelfs in Well) again like you used to.

I did thanks to your idea, and it has been fixed! 

So it seems the Caverns of time shapeshifting was fixed too!

No longer will you get stock human or stock night elf option!

Oddly, when I took my monk into the instance, she didn’t get the human look that people were getting, but instead, she’s a dwarf??? One with twirly braids when she heals, but what? Was that even an option, I don’t even remember?

I only ran a few in, but upon entering the Well of Eternity, my two humans get vastly different options.

Also, I test the orb on a few other characters, and they’re all getting their original different options (Save my monk who never had an orb) which makes me pretty happy.

Running through Dalaran to get to the Caverns of Time on the PTR…

I wanted to see if shapeshifting was fixed for things other than the orb. And I’m passing on through and what do I see?

Oh my god, he’s not there. He’s gone. The plague has finnaly left us, Blizzard has heard our cries of woe and has killed the creation of Knaak who insists upon shouting about the value of life 70 times a day even though he’s been dead for an entire expansion. 

They have patched Rhonin out at last. AND Vereesa is running the show!

J/K he just went for a walk, to go scream about how much our lives are worth. Good show blizz. Good show.